Thursday, June 29, 2006

Found in the Games

I’ve really been meaning to write more lately. I mean, I think there are things that I have to say. Nothing that is ground-breaking or new. Nothing world-shattering. Nothing moving, or touching, or poignant. Just stuff, really. Game stuff.

You see, my wife* and I finally bought a Playstation 2. Actually, we got it a few days after Corvus did. I meant to post about it back then. We initially got Karaoke Revolution Country with it (the explanation of which probably deserves it’s very own post), and for the first week or so, was all we had. Thanks to a couple of our good friends, who have far too many video games, we were able to borrow a better selection. I’ve gotten to play Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Lego Star Wars, and the wife has been playing Fable (on our little-played Xbox). I’ve gone from having and playing a meagre collection of console games, to having too many to play at once.

Not that I don’t want more.

I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time drooling over used titles in eBay, and looking for cheap ways to get older and rarer games. There are some lovely, and obscure, PS1 titles that I’d like to pick up. Plus a healthy list of PS2 titles that have wound their way onto my “Must Play Eventually” list. If you know of a good source, or a game I must play, let me know.

Needless to say, I have things that I want to say. And as I’m one to procrastinate and make excuses… the weather has been sweltering, and the consoles at least produce less heat than any of the various computers that I own. I can turn my computer room into a sauna in less than 10 minutes just by checking my blogroll**. Sitting to write out my experiences as I slowly bake to death hasn’t been at the top of my list of things to do. So, I’ve been lazy, and I’ve been letting my observations fall by the wayside.

I’m not going to say that I’ll get everything I want to post up here. The longer things get left, the more they fade, or mutate. But there may yet be hope for some of my lost posts, as I do have a long weekend coming up. And I can probably count on my wife wanting to play some too. I may have a few spare minutes to type when she chases me from the TV so she can get on with kicking chickens, or whatever it is she’s doing in Fable.

And I want to write these things; I feel energised and interested again because I’ve been playing games again. And I love it. I love playing them more now than ever. I can see aspects of them I never saw before. I realize now that there is more to get from the game than the pretty graphics, or the story (if there is one), or the fiero. I can look to play types, level design, story layout, and a hundred other things I had no names for before I began my blog a few months ago. I can learn from the games that I play, and I can put my observations here.


* I really must find a way to refer to this lovely lady of mine in a more comfortable way. It just feels so formal and awkward this way. I need a nickname (everyone else has one for their SOs). Perhaps I’ll ask her.

** I need to update my blogroll on the site. I actually just noticed that I’ve made it onto the lists of some of the blogs I read. This is cool, and I really must link back.


  1. On the blog-roll note, I could have sworn that I linked to you, but just discovered that I didn't.

    Fixed it now.

    On the PS2 note, you must buy Guitar Hero!

  2. I want to get Guitar Hero. I just need to justify a $90 plastic guitar to my wife. She gets the Karaoke Revolution thing, just not the Guitar Hero thing.