Monday, August 07, 2006

Birthday Games

So, it was my birthday yesterday. I turned 23, had a great day, and feel great, if tired. My parents happened to be in town this weekend, for a short trip that had more to do with getting my brother’s things moved to town. He’s starting university this September. It was also a long weekend. In honour of the day, and because my parents have a lot of people they like to talk with when they are in town, Morgan and I held an open house.

This was fantastic. I love gathering my friends and other people I care about together to talk and eat and play. Morgan and I try to hold semi-monthly Game Nights for our friends. We have the space after all. The open house was an unqualified success. We think that there may have been as many as 50 people though our house (which is a 3 bedroom townhouse) in the space of the day. There was one point where we barely had room for everyone who was there.

I like being able to facilitate people’s fun like that. I’ll wander and talk to people, sure. But I’ll also be in the kitchen getting food prepared. Or tidying up as I see messes. Or just hovering and watching the conversations that have sprung up on all manner of topics across the house. I was having a blast (can I say this enough) even though I was doing stuff and it was my birthday.

But even that got topped. My wife, Morgan, bought me a DS Lite! Her parents kicked in a little money too. And my parents brought it from a province away. Apparently all the Best Buy and FutureShop locations around our city were out of stock. In a slight panic, she called up my mom to get her to buy one and bring it along with them on their weekend trip.

Today I used gift monies to buy some games. Here is my current DS list:

  • The New Super Mario Bros
  • Mariokart DS
  • Brain Age
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Worms: Open Warfare
  • Nintendogs (Morgan bought this)

No, I haven’t set up the Wi-Fi yet. So no friend codes to give out. They will be forthcoming. So will mini-reviews as I get a chance to play the games. So far I’m just happy to have the system. Morgan wants one too. I’m just not sure if we are going to buy another white one, or try to finagle a black one from overseas.

In conclusion (because this post has been rambling and pointless): I made it through another calendar year without dying – this makes 23 so far. I got a DS Lite and a bunch of new games. I had a great day of visiting with friends and family. It has been a good start to my 24th year.


  1. Awesome man, I just got a DS Lite as well. And just had a birthday on the 9th. Crazy.

  2. Mmm... More DS Lite stuff from me soon.