Thursday, January 11, 2007

Free Candy

Giveaway of the Day is a website that offers full copies of licensed software, one a day. Quite often these are the mediocre shareware programs that you can find and download from any number of shareware portals around the internet. Except that Giveaway is offering, for a limited time, a full, registered, and unrestricted copy of the software.

Now, not all the downloads are useful. Not all software is worth having. All of it is for Windows. But, on occasion, they host a real gem.

"What's the catch?", I hear you cry. You have to download and install the software on the day that it is offered on the site. There is a small activation step that registers the software, and grabs the license. The software is yours to use, under limited but reasonable terms (like non-commercial use with no support or updates), forever. So long as you don't have to re-install.

Oh, did I mention that they have a Game Giveaway of the Day as well? While many of the games that I've seen are casual, clones, or both (leading to a lot of mediocre offerings)... you do get interesting, and even indie, titles showing up.

Like today. For a limited time you can get a full copy of Bullet Candy, for free.

What are you waiting around here for?


  1. Game Giveaway of the Day is a great one to keep an eye on. Of course, I downloaded some pretty awful games... including "Delivery King" which actually was on Giveaway of the Day... *sighs* Well what can you expect, right? :)

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