Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Waving My Arms in Delight

In the last couple of days I've taken up Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf, Boxing, Fishing, Billiards (9-ball), Cow Racing, Target Shooting, and a couple of other sports. All without getting off of my couch. Unless I want to.

That's right, I got myself a Wii. Thanks to a conspiratorial inside tip at a local Zellers, an early-ish Saturday morning, and the store having enough stock for all that arrived, I secured my third console gaming platform. I got to experience a small pre-opening lineup (over half a year after the initial release of the system), complete with mini-rush to the electronics department. I now own one console from each of the Big Three, and my first "next-gen" system.

Ah, the joys of new toys. Of course, now that I've had a taste of the modding scene, this system will be lucky to last a few weeks before open it up. The first improvements will be colourful LEDs for the Wiimotes (link).

I don't have much in the way of real games for the system yet. Just Wii Sports, and Wii Play. But with a monthly gaming night coming up in less than 2 weeks, and a friend with 2 additional controllers, we should be able to get some good 4-way gaming action going. I can't wait to see the party power of the new system.

Now I need to fill up my Mii Plaza, so help me get a Mii Parade going. Won't you be my Wii Friend?

8133 7544 5209 0702


  1. 5070 8763 7125 9133

    Hook me up! I'll add you tonight.

  2. I just heard a story about a doctor (from a very reliable source) who gave himself "tennis elbow" by playing Wii tennis for 6 hours over the weekend. He's named the injury "Wii-itis" instead of tendinitis.

    His advice - warm up and remember to take breaks and stretch.

    Keep waving!

    *Seeking all I can find - sharing all I receive.*