Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Great Tastes

It's getting late and I'm browsing my RSS feeds while my wife is getting ready for bed. Just browsing, a bit tired and droopy, when I spot this: PlayStation Eye Headtracking Requires Nothing But A Face on Kotaku. My brain ticks over, reconsidering how cool it would be to remove some of the limits. I say reconsidering because I was instantly reminded about the Johnny Lee demo using the WiiMote and a modded pair of safety goggles.

I scroll down a bit, scanning the comments, initially because the PlayStation related video is region locked, so I can't view it. And I run across the Johnny Lee video again, which I watch, because it is just so cool. You can watch it again (or for the first time below).

So I was thinking how cool that would be but how unfortunate it is that it only works for a single active player. Part of the fun of games, especially as they get more physical, is the interaction and ability to share with others. However, observing a Desktop VR game played by someone else would be difficult. Playing would be impossible.

Unless you could show more than one image on the screen. Which, apparently, you can.
Texas Instruments' Dual View: Look Ma, No Split Screen (Kotaku, again)

So, a video game that allows both VR and observers. Or even better, a games that would allow dual VR displays for head-to-head or co-op play. That would be a great taste of games to come.

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