Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Report [July 21-27]

Flash Games
You Don't Know Jack, Episodes 82 & 83
7 minutes, each
More Jack. It's an addiction by now. Or at least a bad habit.

Wii Fit
Less time than I should have
It's starting to worry me that only a couple of weeks in and I'm starting to lose the will to workout. Or even to do the daily body test. Must keep it up. I need to find a better time to work it into my schedule.

LEGO Indiana Jones
A whole lot (I lost count)
Morgan and I finished the game, 100%, in co-op. A full review is pending. There is about 20-30 hours of playable content there, and we did all of it. There are a few quibbles, but it was a fun romp, and easy to play. I'd recommend it to people who are fans of the recent LEGO games, or of Indiana Jones, or who have a non-gamer that they want to play some games with.

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