Monday, October 20, 2008

Microsoft doesn't take CRUMPETS! from anyone

Censorship! Video Games! Microsoft!

Do I have your attention? Microsoft has patented a way to censor real-time audio chat. Soon you'll be able to flip a toggle on Xbox Live to silence the harsher words of your fellow players.

Microsoft is, of course, simply trying to make their service as family friendly as possible so they can sell more consoles. They have a bit of a reputation for players with bad language and unfriendly attitudes. They'd like to change that, or at least reassure queasy parents that their children won't be listing to endless tirades of profanity.

This has, of course, dredged up some concern and commentary on censorship and the many ill-uses for the technology.

I however, would be endlessly entertained if it could do something like this.

[Thanks to Greg Tannahill at The Dust Forms Words for posting this first and reminding me of it]

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  1. Again we seek to offload our responsibility onto either others or technology.


    However, I also vote for the ""Barry Ween" chip" approach as long as gamers get the option as to where, when and to whom it is applied. Who says applying a little discipline can't be fun for somebody?