Monday, January 12, 2009

Questions of Vital Importance

Firstly, let me exclaim about the fact that it is nearly the middle of January(!), and I have yet to make a post in 2009. Not that I'm surprised. However, my office is much neater, and I have had a few distractions.

Chiefly, I bought an Xbox 360 over the holiday. I had initially wanted to wait until I could lay my hands on a Jasper unit, but the Boxing Day sales were too enticing and their appearance in Canada is going to take some time. My will was broken by $60 discounts. I didn't get to set it up until I returned home from my family holiday away (after New Years), but I've been playing quite a bit already.Which leads me to...

My Very Important Questions
Which full games should I play?
Which arcade games should I buy?
Is Xbox Live Gold worth the money (for me)?

Also: Would you like to be my virtual friend?
My gamer tag now occupies a space to the right of the blog (if you are reading this via RSS, it's GhostInTheGame).

The List So Far
Braid (already finished an inital play-through, need to write some on this)

Full Games

LEGO Indiana Jones (played to 100% on the Wii, but achievements are just so much fun)

LEGO Star Wars (borrowed)
Viva Pinata (for Morgan)
Mass Effect (borrowed, currently playing)
Fable II (borrowed, Morgan likely to play first)


  1. I was going to post a big long comment here, but your comment form has mysteriously eaten it. Here's the tl;dr version:

    I like Braid. I haven't beaten it yet, but it's simultaneously the most challenging and yet rewarding game that I've played.

    I recommend Castle Crashers. It's a 1-4 player beat 'em up with a delicious art style, and it's only 1200 microsoft points. They also just released their first DLC, for 200 microsoft points - it gives you a character that can heal.

    I preferred LEGO Star Wars over Indiana Jones; I found that the puzzles were a bit difficult to find in Indiana Jones, especially when playing two player. Maybe I just don't notice the whip/grapple points easily enough or something.

    Let me know how Viva Pinata turns out; I've been considering it, but haven't had any time(who does anymore?) to actually get around to trying it out.

  2. Hi there, missed this post somehow over the last couple of weeks.

    Friend me: GregT 314

    Go hit my blog at click anything with the XBox 360 tag for a rundown of what I played that I liked; highlights were Mass Effect, new Prince of Persia, The Darkness, Left 4 Dead, Condemned, Crackdown and Mirror's Edge as full games, and Braid, Castle Crashers and Geometry Wars on Live Arcade.