Tuesday, April 21, 2009

µReview: Prince of Persia Overview [++++/---]

Ubisoft Montreal's re-envisioning of Prince of Persia has far more qualities than flaws. The beautiful world design, coupled with the fantastic voice work and competent narrative create a highly immersive world that feels like playing an action movie.

I played the entire game, with the DLC Epilogue in a couple of weeks with no sessions longer than 3 hours. I found a few parts frustrating, but not overly so. I was also able to get 50 out of 60 achievements in my first play through with no internet assistance. I found the game forgiving and fun. It has a casual appeal while providing an opportunity for immersion through flow and story.

I would highly recommend it to many types of gamers. Hardcore gamers may find it a little light on challenge, but may enjoy it for the narrative or graphics. It's also too short to bore them for long. Casual gamers will find it forgiving to begin with, but may find it frustrating at times. Players looking for story will find a well crafted narrative that has some lovely nuances to it.

It is certainly a game worth seeing. It is also a game worth being immersed in. The story really only plays one way, but the game drives forward with such force and determination that it is easy to be swept away by it.

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