Sunday, May 03, 2009

$3 is a No-Brainer

I have purchased my first-ever micro game. Expect more of these in the next while, hopefully all with as simple a way to buy in.

The game is Windosill, a very simple Ambient Point-And-Click Puzzler. Describing the game is difficult. Each scene is a window into a strange world. The window sill has a block car and a locked door. You have to find the cube that unlocks the door so you can get the car to the next window.

There is lots of stuff to click on. Sometimes you have to solve a small puzzle to get the cube, sometimes not. Mostly it's just fun to interact with everything to see what it does.

The first half of the game is free. And it's a great hook. You get to the middle and the game asks you for an activation code to continue. The code is $3. I had that sitting in my PayPal account, chances are you might too. So I paid.

I'd do it again too. Even though the game is short, and doesn't have much for replay, the price was right. At $3 and under it becomes an impulse buy. Like a chocolate bar or bag of chips at the gorcery store checkout, it's not something that you need but it is something easy to pick up with a cheap enough pricetag that it takes almost no justification.

You just buy it.

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