Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Worms World Party

(Team17, 2001)
Specified by Duncan Munro


  • Crawl [Left | Right]
  • Jump [Forward | Vertical | Backflip | Small Forward | Small Backward]
  • Swing/Drift (when hanging or falling)
  • Climb/Descend (rope only)
  • Aim [Up/Down | Point]
  • Shoot/Activate [Instant | Power Level]
  • Drop Weapon (when using an item, such as rope)
  • Select [Weapon | Item]


  • Worms
  • Mines
  • Barrels
  • Crates [Weapons | Health | Items | Specials]
  • Weapons [Bazooka-like | Grenade-like | Gun-like | Hand-to-Hand | Timed | Air Support | Super | Misc]
  • Items [Movement-related | Defensive | Misc]


  • Health (per Worm)
  • Damage (Crates, Barrels)
  • Wind (affects some weapons/items)
  • Bounce (affects some weapons, worms)
  • Time


While this game has a complex set of verbs, it can be played very simply. Most people, for example, only ever use two of the jump variants (forward and backflip). Advanced players, however, can combine verbs to create new strategies and highly tactical solutions to difficult situations. One example is to use the jump to gain height before using the hand-to-hand weapon fire punch, hitting an enemy who would otherwise be out of range.

An added layer of complexity lies with the weapons. Simple weapons are shot and explode. Some need to be timed, or aimed with the mouse. Some can track. Some move on their own. Some can be controlled after release. There are even advanced tactics for basic weapons: the bazooka can be skipped across water given enough power and a shallow angle, allowing you to hit an enemy far away without a large lob.

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  1. The other thing that saves this game from being overly complex is that making a bizarre mistake and blowing oneself up - which happens all the time when one is learning to play Worms in my experience - is actually funny. :)

    Viva the Concrete Donkey! :)