Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Report [June 23-30]

Super Mario Galaxy
2 Hours
4 more stars. I only have to beat Luigi's Purple Coins. I've tried a couple times now and it keeps kicking my ass. That is a seriously evil level.

Flash Games
You Don't Know Jack, Episode 74
7 Minutes 
No one has quite managed to keep to the rigors of an episodic game release schedule like Jellyvision. They are just so regular.

SEEK (ver.0)
5 minutes
This is another game concept, lab, toy thing from EYEMAZE. If that name doesn't ring any bells, then how about GROW? Yeah, you've probably heard of those games. If not, go play them now! SEEK (ver.0) is another attempt with alternate game styles. This time it's a match-hunting puzzle game. Using some familiar graphics and sounds, it manages to be both very easy to understand and very challenging. Even the time limit is handled well, and adds to the difficulty, as the letter itself moves across the screen to fall and crush one of your hearts.

Meat Space Games
about 30 minutes (4 players)
Went to a friend's grandparent's cabin this weekend. Took a whole bunch of games. Wound up only playing a couple. This was one. Played with the Inns & Cathedrals and River I expansions. I like the river expansion(s) because I find they lead to a more spread out and even map. I like playing with at least the Inns & Cathedrals because it adds a little complexity to the game without being overbearing. We played this one kinda drunk. I managed to come from behind with farms.

The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin
about 60 minutes (4 players)
It was a long weekend (for us anyway, because of Canada Day landing on the Tuesday), so I'm including Monday at the lake as part of this update. We played a great game. All of us we at level 9 by the end, with the winner having come from behind. We also were down to a single door card left. This is a rare treat, getting to see most of the deck get played.

Most of the Weekend
We didn't actually get to play this. Our particular group of friends has been talking about Role-playing together for, well, a long time. We keep getting hung up on the actual starting. We're not sure which system to get, we never actually get one, and we don't know who should GM (none of us has). So my friend Chris finally picked up a source book. I've been picked as GM, which I don't mind. I spent most of the weekend frantically reading through the rules trying to understand character creation, and the basic gameplay elements. Characters are mostly done, and because we are using the free Shadowrun Missions we have the first campaign all set. Mostly. I'm going to pick up my own copy of the source book sometime this week. Hopefully I keep focus.

*Updated, and expanded on July 1, after returning to civilization*

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