Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Report [July 1-6]

PC Games
Beyond Good & Evil (GameTap)
2.5 Hours
Played the first section needed for the Game Club. I forgot how relaxed this game is, or at least starts. There are action-y sections, and the hovercraft races for those adrenaline moments. Mostly it's just exploring interesting locations, and taking pictures of the wildlife. This goes well for me because I like to take my time and methodically explore everywhere I can. The map works well for this, showing you where you haven't been by shading it slightly. The controls for the fighting are pretty simple, and let you (mostly) just button mash for some butt-kicking action. I'll post some more thoughts tomorrow.

Flash Games
You Don't Know Jack, Episodes 75, 76, and 77
7 minutes each
Had to play a bit of catch-up. Did pretty well on all three.

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