Friday, November 27, 2009

Epic Failure to Communicate

It has been nearly 6 months since I last posted anything to this blog. Not for lack of things to post. Not even for lack of time (I have spare time, I simply waste a lot of it). I seem to have lacked drive. The fickle inspiration to transcribe my inner litany to black and white text had fled, leaving my keyboard un-tapped. I was in input mode.

This seems to happen, every now and again. I become a ravenous consumer of media. I devour games of epic length, entire series of books, whole seasons of television, and online content by the gigabyte. I fill my head with stories, plots, characters, ideas, facts, music. Anything and everything. For weeks and months on end I become a sponge for anything that crosses my path.

Until I am full. Or leastwise can't stand to absorb much more. Then my input becomes a disjointed fountain of output. I slow my rapid consumption and head into a time of pondering and (muse willing) writing. I always hope that one day I will become so saturated with raw interconnected data that I'll sit down and out will fly a book, or a script, or a game, or a whole world, fully formed.

I somehow doubt this, but I am only 26, and much could yet happen. I have absorbed so very little, so far.

Anyway, here is a short litany of things that have happened to me, that my few internet followers might be interested in:
  • At the end of August my house was broken into and my gaming systems stolen. September was a month without video games (on my TV, I still had my DS).
  • In September my wife and I found out that we are having a baby. This was (and is) a source of much joy and celebration. Also worry and fretting. Bit (as we have named the bump) is due sometime near the end of May.
  • The end of September was heralded by the return of gaming as the insurance came through and replaced our stolen property. Games were re-purchased with several new ones entering the ranks.
  • As can be evedenced by my gamer tag, I have played (and beaten) Brutal Legend (umlaut omitted). There was Metal, much to Morgan's consternation.
  • I attempted to play Mirror's Edge but have given up with frustration at the game developers for putting guns into my game about free movement. Also Dragon Age came out.
  • Dragon Age still consumes me. 60+ hours in, and I am far from finished. And I must still replay Mass Effect (because of my lost character) before the end of January. Bioware has eaten my gaming life. Please check back in May, about the time Bit will consume everything else in my world.
Short as this post it, at least I have started. Perhaps in the next few weeks my thoughts can be marshaled and coherent ideas put to screen. I have at least one game I can µReview.


  1. I'm watching your progress in Dragon Age! Post some thoughts when you're done, I can't get enough of discussing this game.

  2. I already have one post in the draft blender. I need to find some time to finish it. And write more. I'm actually getting burnt out on the game, it's just so damn big!